The Company and the Future

Corex Inc. is a worldwide company whose founders possess a wealth of experience in the industry and the highest level of proficiency on the international stage. This understanding of the market has led them to identify a gap in the market for large portable tracked crushing equipment.

With the heightened awareness of environmental issues in recent years, Corex has been keen to find ways to make the mineral processing market more environmentally friendly. Being a manufacturer of such large processing equipment, it is important to us not to match the high output with the high carbon footprint that is usually associated with processing equipment. In fact, in many cases the carbon emissions produced by a Corex machine are often lower than that of a much smaller machine processing a lot less product per hour. With exclusive features, such as the Corex-developed EcoPro system, our can give you the high output you desire without the high costs that you may expect.

At Corex, we are proud of our advanced, innovative products that are leading the way in the mineral processing market. With a unique focus on environmental awareness and cost efficiency whilst making larger processing systems more portable and creating increased production capabilities, Corex are never satisfied unless pushing some sort of, if not, all boundaries. Our commitment to continued product improvement through research and development, allows us to appeal to an array of potential customers. This, paired with our desire to keep existing customers satisfied long after a sale is complete, helps us to stay one step ahead of the competition.