Welcome to Corex

Corex Ltd. are manufacturers of large, tracked mineral processing equipment, boasting economically friendly high output production with low fuel consumption figures. Our machines, manufactured in Northern Ireland, require minimal setup and little to no preparation of material before processing.

Designed with you in mind
Corex machines are built with a focus on simplicity. We know that in this industry in particular any time wasted is money wasted, which is why our machines are easy to transport, easy to setup, easy to operate and easy to adjust.
We’ve proven that large processing machinery doesn’t have to sacrifice portability. The ‘flat-pack’ style design features of a Corex machine means that anyone, anywhere can have a high output portable crusher unit.
Fuel Efficient = Cost Efficient
High productivity is usually paired with an exaggerated price and then a high running cost. Corex believe that every investment should be attractive, which is why when you buy a Corex machine your investment keeps on giving long after the sale.
With worldwide oil prices forever increasing, our machines benefit from a fuel saving system that see a reduction in consumption by up to 50%.
'The more you put in, the more you get out...'
At Corex we’re so confident of our high output machinery that we made it our slogan. If you keep feeding the machine then it will keep crushing and keep producing your material at the other end.
Our direct driven crushers means there is minimal power loss to the crushing unit itself, which not only helps in terms of productivity but will also dramatically reduce fuel consumption.